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Comfort clothes – DE Designs

January 15, 2010

It’s been a rough couple of months — both in RL and SL, and while I don’t have the wherewithal (or the energy) to do much therapy in RL other than increasing my exercise, In SL… I’ve found a lot of outlets, from exploring to building a bit, to yes, retail therapy as they say. But even buying clothes gets old (and frustrating at times) and with my inventory getting out of control I made a few pleasant discoveries.

De Designs Wishmaster Silver

De Designs Wishmaster Silver

Arguably the first item of clothing I ever bought myself in SL was from Rfyre. Raven tapped nicely into my sci fi/fantasy  RP background, and there’s nothing like the cut of a good cloak to cheer a guy up. But until recently she didn’t have a lot to offer int hat range between high fantasy and super casual. Her RP Cutoure  line is filling that niche nicely now, but at the time — almost two years ago, I went looking and found Doc Eldritch’s,  DE Designs.

My own assessment is that DE Designs fills that necessary niche between the ripped grunge of Little Britain and the slightly slicker rough look of GothiCatz and the higher end fantasy looks of Rfyre and Avid. There’s a bit of a Steampunk feel to most of what you find there but it’s not an absolute.

Doc does some amazing things with textures. His men’s line has few sculpt pieces at all: Sculpt cuffs and collars and damn few of those unless they add something to the design that his own texture work can’t accomplish. But the texture work is really worth paying attention too. Expertly rendered shading and highlights will make you look twice to make sure it isn’t prim work. His buckles shine and his leather’s have that worn suplleness real leather gets after it’s been worn for awhile

DE Design 1846 Vest

DE Design 1846 Vest

He’s also not one to put out a lot of layers if he can help it seems. Which is a shame because his shirts, when not meant to be worn under coats or vests, only come in jacket layers and there’s a few of them I wouldn’t mind wearing with other things. But honestly, it’s a pretty minor complaint, because he is good about providing you with multiple jacket layers when there is a coat and vest involved, usually three: Coat alone, vest alone and coat vest combo. That gives a mixer like me plenty to play with.

DE Designs 1846

DE Designs 1846

Styles-wise, DE Designs offers a pretty broad range. There’s a whole section of causal and formal wear (versus the more fantasy/roleplay geared apparel in the main section) I admittedly, do not have a lot of clothing from that section, since I tend either go for the dramatic look or really slouch around in a pair of jeans and  t-shirt. But the Onyx shirt set is a favorite, as are the cords (which I swear, you can almost feel the nubby texture to them.)  Whether you want to dress down in jeans, look a little rough and ready in his military wear, shrug into a leather harness and  riveted buckle jacket, or find an outfit that will take you from the battle field to the ballroom… you can’t really mess up to much here.

Price wise is nothing to sneeze at either. there are some incredibly versatile sets in the $600L range, but the average (I stress average) price is between $3-400L for complete sets (not including boots and such. On the second floor are some real bargain finds for the $100-$200L range for separate or simple sets. So, no, none of it is cheap, but it’s not really the high end of the cost spectrum either — and the quality of the textures makes that a little amazing even to my freebie-hunting eyes.

DE Designs doesn’t offer freebies — or not that I’ve seen; or participate in hunts as far as I know. I’m not even sure there are outlet stores — I’ve always gone to the main store. There are the occasional bargains — announced in the subscribo group, and I believe the anniversary set offered every year makes its debut at a lower cost initially.

DE Designs Cyclone

DE Designs Cyclone

DE Design Diablo

DE Design Diablo

The two most recent releases came out at the end of last year. Cyclone is a a really nice leather jacket with the option of a fur collar or hood, or the slicker look of a bomber jack  if you wear neither. It comes in black or brown, and is currently priced at $250L. The other outfit, more recent is Diablo — a full set with a really, amazingly nice cable knit sweater option in jacket, shirt and undershirt layers which made me ecstatic. The Sweater alone is very smart looking with a nicely rolled neck. But under the jacket layer it’s both classy and sleek looking.

Diablo will run you $399L for the set. There’s no vest but you can wear the open-waisted jacket without the shirt, or with any other favorite shirt you have.

All the pants come slightly loose and cuff flared. A good many of the outfits come with two pant’s options; one for sculpted cuffs and one without. Pants are moddable though, so you can tuck them in your boots if you like, or detach upper portions of footwear and go for the fuller leg look.

You will find some color choices, but the bulk of the work is neutral colors as befits natural or carefully dyed leather. Colors do hold true across his lines so, you can mix and match those black pants or fawn colored vests and not worry about colors rendering oddly.If you’re still not sure, I do recommend the 2nd floor. By something and give it a try. My guess is you’ll be back.


Also wearing:

Skin: Redgrave Emil

Boon: Y85k5 in black

Jewelry: Sable Rose Logan set

Bandanna: Rocker’s Wear Reloaded ($25L)

Boots: Dino’s Bootique Soft Leather in black ($150L)


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